Handleless Kitchen Doors

Handleless Kitchen Doors

Nothing beats the unique and functional style of handleless kitchen doors. They are perfect designs for the modern kitchen decor —convenient, functional, with a stylish and uncluttered look!

If you’re keen to change the look of your kitchen to more modern and minimalist decor, then a handleless kitchen door is for you.

Although white handleless doors are the most popular, these kitchen doors come in different colours, which make it easy for you to express your personality and enhance the look of your kitchen.

Handleless Kitchen Doors Colour

Handleless doors are available in a multitude of colours, from neutral tones to bold colours depending on your preference.

Many homeowners are often overwhelmed with picking a colour of choice for their kitchens. We understand that with the varieties of colour and design scheme available, it may get confusing.

However, below are popular colour choices homeowners go for:

Bold Colours

Going for bold colours is a good decision, especially if you want a bright, sparkly look for your kitchen. We, however, always suggest to customers going for bold colours to pair the colour with a kitchen with a neutral look to balance things out.


If you love minimalist colours and designs, then a white or neutral colour like nude, taupe are great choices. It is advised you get white handleless doors with a mix of matt and gloss finish to avoid the design looking bland.

Black and Grey

The numbers of people who go for black or grey colour are a lot! We are not surprised. Some people think a black kitchen decor would look too dark, depressing or even ugly. But it’s always the opposite. The result is usually extra sleek.

Colour Blocking

Colour blocking is a popular fashion trend, and this trend is now being embraced everywhere, including in kitchen decor. It’s a trend in modern kitchen decor that it’s amazing and fun. To get this look, you use more than one colour for your handleless doors. Usually a subtle colour, like grey then another colour, usually bold.

Shop with Us at Kitchen In!

Handleless doors are a growing trend, and they are not going anywhere soon. At Kitchen In, we offer high-quality handleless kitchen doors at great prices and different colours. We work with the best manufacturers and offer the lowest prices and highest quality.

Our kitchen doors range in different, attractive colours from white to graphite to metal to bold colours. We have all these colours available in stock, and you can browse our website to select or contact us to have your kitchen doors customized to whatever colour you want. Our doors also have different finishes such as matt, high gloss, timber depending on your preference.

Asides colours; our handleless doors are of various styles, designs and finishes. Please take advantage of our high-quality products today, and get your kitchen a new, modern look.

You can also contact us at info@kitchenin.co.uk to get a quote on our Handleless Kitchen Doors, available in varieties of attractive colours!

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